Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tuesday at TOKYO DISNEY SEA - day parade

The day parade at Tokyo Disney Sea was like nothing we'd ever seen before!  "The Legend of Mythica" lasted about 25 minutes and was on the big body of water at the front of the park, Mediterranean Harbor.  We managed to find a place on the side where nobody was standing to enjoy the show.

P was still sleeping when we arrived at the parade, but when he woke up he was content just sitting in the shade of the stroller eating the lunch we saved for him.  :)

C was waving goodbye to the characters.  So sweet.  :)

We loved all the intricate floats and were happy with our choice of area to watch the parade, because there was nobody in front of us to block the view.  Seeing this day parade on the water made us even more excited to see the night parade on the water later that evening!

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